Friday, June 20, 2014

New Trail Blog!

With my goal to switch over most if not all of my focus to trail and ultra running, I've started a new blog to document the new racing and training adventures! I'll still keep this blog up as a place to store running data like end of the year totals as well as keeping the race results tab updated.

Below is the link to the new trail blog where I will break down each race with a recap.

Friday, January 10, 2014

2013 Running Recap

2013 Mileage Total: 3255

2013 Races:
Quarter Marathon--35:41--1st Place (8/3)
Run for Your Life 5Miler--28:11--1st Place--$50 (6/22)
Oceana 5K--16:19--1st Place--$250 (6/15)
Poca River 15K--52:49--1st Place (5/11)
Mullens 5K (long course)--16:06--1st Place--$250 (5/5)
Susan Komen 5K--15:57--1st Place (5/4)
Earth Day 10K--33:40--1st Place--$200 (4/21)
Earth Day 5K(long course)--17:15--1st Place--$100 (4/21) 
Athens Half Marathon--1:14:35--2nd Place--$150 (4/15)
Winter Series 8K--25:48--3rd Place (1/6)

Recap: Overall it was a decent year for training and racing. Training wise, my streak of 2+ years without missing a day running was snapped in January with an achilles injury. Then again in August/September I missed some more time with a glute/hamstring issue. So I missed close to 2 months of training in 2013 which caused a nice sized drop in mileage. My goal going forward with mileage though is to stay around 60-70 miles a week so the years of shooting for 4000+ miles are probably done. 

Racing wise I didn't get to run many races in tip-top form so most of my races were done while building up to bigger races which never happened. Also more then half of the races I did run were done in place of a workout so the effort was far from a race effort. The WS 8K(25:48) to start the year was probably my best race of the year. I did sneak under 16 minutes (15:57 @ Susan Komen 5K) to extend my streak of sub 16 to 12 years. That along with breaking sub 5 minutes in a mile (streak dates back to freshman year of high school) at least once in a year are both fun goals to try and extend for as long as I can.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

2013 Racing Pictures/News Links

Pineville 5K

Quarter Marathon

Run for Your Life 5-Miler

On the run
Oceana 5K 

Poca River 15K

(The Start Line of West Virginia's Biggest 5K)
Susan G Komen

Earth Day 10K /Earth Day 5K 
NewsStation Article

45th Annual Athens Half Marathon

45th Annual Athens Half Marathon (2013)
(Click on picture above for race pictures)




Above is the WCHS Video Interview on Marian from last week (her segment starts about 2:10 into the video link)

Monday, January 7, 2013

2012 Review

Mileage Total: 3971
Weekly Mileage Average: 76.4
Mileage Previous 3 years: 2011(4239), 2010(3822), 2009(4147)
Days Ran: 366/366 
*Second straight year without missing a day.
Highest Mileage Week of the Year: 109
Races: 21
PR's: None (unless you count running my first 15K)
Prize Money(with incentives from Sponsors): $4700
Best Race of the Year: Myrtle Beach Marathon-2nd Place-2:30:49

2012 Races (season best race in bold)
Winter Series 5K--15:42--2nd Place (12/9)
Drumstick Dash 5K--15:52--1st Place (11/22)
Nick Caldwell 5K--16:03--2nd Place (11/17)
Columbus Marathon--2:34:10--13th Place (10/21)
Twin Falls 5K--16:02--1st Place (10/15)
Wine Cellar 10K--32:50--1st Place (9/22)
CDR--1:27:43--5th Place (9/1)
Pineville 5K--16:22--1st Place (8/26)
Racing Hearts 5K(short course)--13:55(15:39 finish pace)--1st Place (8/18)
Glade Springs 10K--33:01--1st Place (8/11)
Oceana 5K--16:20--1st Place (7/7)
Reds 10K(Long Course)--33:23--3rd Place (6/2)
Mullens 5K--16:08--1st Place (5/20)
Poca River 15K--50:13--1st Place (5/12)
Susan Komen 5K--16:15--3rd (5/5)
Joker 4-Miler--21:54--1st Place (4/1)
Run for Adam 3-Miler(short course)--14:33--1st (3/30)
Arts in Action 5K--16:22--1st (3/10) 
Myrtle Beach Marathon--2:30:49--2nd (2/18)
Tallman WS 10K--32:20--2nd (2/5)
Tallman WS 8K--26:04--1st (1/8)

Recap: I was pretty happy with the 2012 year. Although other then MB Marathon I never ran fast this year, it was the best year of my life as we welcomed our little Clara into the world. It was a challenge to train and race with all the life changes. I even had some well respected friends who are fast dads say I should avoid racing much during this adjustment period. Against that advice I still toed the line and raced a solid amount. Although the results weren't great I learned a lot and enjoyed every minute of it. Most importantly I also figured out I need to make some serious changes if I want to get back to racing my best. So far so good with the changes as I'm actually feeling recovered and not so worn down again as I train and race. Early 2013 results (25:48 WS 8K) show I'm heading back in the right direction so that is a huge positive. My 2013 goals are pretty simple, have fun, train hard but smart, PR at every distance but most importantly the Marathon and at CDR, and last but not least run fewer races. I need to get back to not being so open to run every race that someone asks me to do and put the main emphasis on racing all-out when I do toe the line. My goal is to cut down from 20+ races to more in the 10-15 range. I feel like with 10-15 races I can go just about all-out for current fitness in 5-10 races a year and still have another 5 or so races that are mostly workouts to either win some prize money or support a friends race. I'm looking forward to the upcoming 2013 race schedule. I have a feeling it's going to be a fun and fast year!

Monday, December 10, 2012

2012 Racing Pictures/News Links

Winter Series 5K




WOWK -- Charleston - Huntington, Working For You

38th Annual Wine Cellar 10K

Charleston Distance Run

Racing Hearts 5K

The Resort at Glade Springs 10K/5K 
Results: Link
Newspaper Story: Link

Oceana Heritage Festival 5K

July 7th, 2012


Tallman WS 10K: 32:20/2nd Place 
2012 Winter Series Champion
Race Story (iplayoutside website)


Monday, February 20, 2012

15th Annual Myrtle Beach Marathon Recap

Feeling very blessed and thankful to God for the weekend result!
Mile-by-Mile Breakdown:
Pre-Race warm up 45minute before Start Gun 2x5minutes slow + Gel #1
1- 5:51 Out relaxed, chat w/eventual winner(Stuart Moran) then watched him go!
2- 6:11 A bit too relaxed..Ran w/friend Brian Floyd who was doing the half
3- 5:45 Time to start cutting down
4- 5:43 Passing runner after runner from the half marathon field
5- 5:39 (29:10) I'm in 3rd Place in the Full Marathon Field
6- 5:35 Gel #2 through Market Square Loop...good crowds
7- 5:39 Get to see many faces heading in as I head out, lots of encouragement!
8- 5:36 Onto Ocean Blvd, headwind is very light
9- 5:34 Constantly reeling in lots of half marathon guys
10-5:46 (57:24) Slowed to get down Gel #3 and extra water
11-5:35 Caught 2nd Place marathon guy
12-5:40 He is hanging tough on my shoulder
13-5:36 See Marian and get a water bottle..she says leader is 2minutes ahead 
(Half Marathon Split 1:14.55)
14-5:36 3rd Place on my shoulder is helping push me
15-5:42 (1:25.35) Prettiest section of the course, really focused..I want sub 2:29!
16-5:40 Gel #4 Starting to get hot on the course but I'm feeling strong
17-5:43 Dropped 3rd Place guy on gradual incline
18-5:41 Off the Ocean Blvd, out/back add on section
19-5:37 See the leader at a turnaround..I'm 3+ minutes back...
20-5:43 (1:54.02) Gel #5 (last one), I can run sub 2:29 and PR!
21-5:44 My first sign of trouble, spasm in my right hammy 
22-5:50 Hammy is wanting to cramp..have to slow down..
23-6:01 Neg split, sub 2:29 and PR slipping away..keep fighting smartly..
24-6:04 Spasms like crazy it wants to grab bad..avoid major blowup
25-5:59 Fighting for every second between hammy spasms!
26-5:56 GET TO THE LINE!
Finish-69 (2:30:49/5:45pace) 2ND Place Overall
Half Splits (1:14.55 and 1:15.54)

All and all I'm very happy! You always--ALWAYS--want better but I wouldn't change to much. I feel like I'm extremely close to a huge breakthrough in the marathon now. The confidence is back for the event. I'm not 100% sure I'm made to perform my best at the distance but I still think sub 2:25 isn't far off. 

I think my best long term plan is to wait anywhere from 12-18 months until running another marathon to be fully ready to reach that breakthrough. I need to get 5K-10K fit again and then try to get under my half marathon PR(1:07.48) before really attacking the marathon. I just need patience, hard work, and of course Gods guiding hand but I will reach my marathon goal!

Such a wonderful event and time in Myrtle Beach. So many friends and support out there this weekend. The list is too long to name everyone that was there to help me along the way before, during, and after the race but THANK YOU again!

(I finished 2nd Place Overall in the Myrtle Beach Half Marathon (1:10.38) last year. Maybe a return trip in the future to try and break through with a WIN at one of the weekend events!) 

Marathon History:
2:29.34- 2009 Columbus Marathon (6th place)
2:30.49- 2012 Myrtle Beach Marathon (2nd Place)
2:31.32- 2006 Chicago Marathon
2:31.59- 2011 Cleveland Marathon (3rd Place)
2:35.10- 2010 Boston Marathon


Friday, January 6, 2012

2011 Review

Mileage Total: 4239 (*All-time personal high and 2nd time over 4000)
Weekly Mileage Average: 81.5 
Days Ran: 365/365 (First time running every day for the entire calender year)
Highest Mileage Month of the Year: September (406)
Highest Mileage Week of the Year: 102 
Races: 22 
Wins: 11 (I would rather race bigger events with deep competition then win locally. I try to make that the goal every year)
PR's: None
Prize Money(plus Incentives money from PB): $7,575
Comp Hotel/Entry/Travel Races: (Columbus, Parkersburg, San Fran, Clarksburg, Cleveland, OBX)

Online Training Logs:  Calender Workouts Summary

2011 Race Results: (Season best times in bold) 
Tallman WS 5K--15:29--1st (12/11)
Off-Road Trail 5K--18:50--2nd (12/10)
Jingle Bell 5K--15:29--1st (12/3)
Nick Caldwell 5K--15:42--1st (11/19)
Teays Spooktacular 5K--15:27--1st--$75+Free Massage (10/22)
Columbus Half Marathon- 1:10.08--12th (10/16)
Twin Falls 5K--15:46--1st--$500 (10/9)
Beckley Half Marathon--(Big lead 7+ miles in when hit by car) (10/1)
Pineville 5K--17:31--1st--$250-(9/4)
CDR --1:26.57--5th(4th USA)--$350- (9/3)
Parkersburg Half Marathon--1:12.30--11th(4th USA)--$290-(8/20)
San Fran Half Marathon--1:14.17--(7/31)
Oceana 5K (3miles)--15:08--1st Place--$300--(7/9)
WV 5K Champs(Huntington)--15:39--5th--$50--(6/25)
Clarksburg 10K(WV State Champs)--33:46--8th (2nd WV)--$500--(6/18)
Varmint Half Marathon--1:18.45--1st Place--$300--(6/11)
Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon--2:31.59--3rd Places--$300--(5/15)
Mullens Dogwood 5K--15:47--1st Place--$300--(5/1)
OBX Flying Pirate Half Marathon--1:11.15--2nd Place--$150-- (4/10)
Joker Run 4-Miler--20:12--1st Place (3/26)
Myrtle Beach Half Marathon--1:10.38--2nd Place (2/19)
Tallman Winter Series 10K--32:07--1st Place (2/6)

Also Marian had a very successful racing year hitting PR's on the roads in the 4mile distance(23:13/5:49avg) and 10K(37:27/5:52avg). She placed third at Myrtle Beach Half (1:22), won the Varmint Half and biggest running honor of the year came when she WON the Cleveland Half Marathon in (1:21.11 /6:12avg) (her 2nd fastest half). She ran the very hilly San Fran Marathon with a very bad foot and extra fatigue which we later found out was due to the most exciting news of the year. 

Thursday, December 15, 2011

2011 Racing

STORY LINK (Iplayoutside)

*Chasing the stud (Matt Schiffbauer) up the first hill of the race.

Trail Race Map/Recap: Off-Road Trail 5K

Columbus Half Marathon

Beckley Half Marathon

WV 10K Champs--Clarksburg, WV

Varmint Half Marathon
Article Link: PYLES OF FUN Good and long race article!
Article Link (2): SWVA

Cleveland Marathon
Interview by Running Network (starts about 5minutes in and runs to a little past 10minutes)

1 (general with Marian quote at bottom)
2 (general with Marian quote in middle)
News (news station marian)
News 2 (news station top 5 results)
Examiner (brief story with both of us mentioned)

Mullens 5k

Joker_DJT3637 Joker_DJT3640
Joker 4-Miler

2011 MB Half 

*Picture Link to roughly 30 race pictures of Marian and myself

Jingle Bell Pictures

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

CDR Articles (Pre and Post event)

Previous CDR experience(this year will make my 6th):
2011--1:26.57--5th Place (2nd WV, 4th USA)
*Toughtest CDR conditions in history of the event from all reports!
2010--1:25.44--1st Place
2009--1:22.23--8th Place (TOP WV, 3rd USA)
2008--1:25.47--4th Place (Top WV, 2nd USA)
2006--1:23.30--11th Place (Top WV, 3rd USA)
2005--1:23.48--9th Place (3rd WV, 4th USA)