Friday, January 6, 2012

2011 Review

Mileage Total: 4239 (*All-time personal high and 2nd time over 4000)
Weekly Mileage Average: 81.5 
Days Ran: 365/365 (First time running every day for the entire calender year)
Highest Mileage Month of the Year: September (406)
Highest Mileage Week of the Year: 102 
Races: 22 
Wins: 11 (I would rather race bigger events with deep competition then win locally. I try to make that the goal every year)
PR's: None
Prize Money(plus Incentives money from PB): $7,575
Comp Hotel/Entry/Travel Races: (Columbus, Parkersburg, San Fran, Clarksburg, Cleveland, OBX)

Online Training Logs:  Calender Workouts Summary

2011 Race Results: (Season best times in bold) 
Tallman WS 5K--15:29--1st (12/11)
Off-Road Trail 5K--18:50--2nd (12/10)
Jingle Bell 5K--15:29--1st (12/3)
Nick Caldwell 5K--15:42--1st (11/19)
Teays Spooktacular 5K--15:27--1st--$75+Free Massage (10/22)
Columbus Half Marathon- 1:10.08--12th (10/16)
Twin Falls 5K--15:46--1st--$500 (10/9)
Beckley Half Marathon--(Big lead 7+ miles in when hit by car) (10/1)
Pineville 5K--17:31--1st--$250-(9/4)
CDR --1:26.57--5th(4th USA)--$350- (9/3)
Parkersburg Half Marathon--1:12.30--11th(4th USA)--$290-(8/20)
San Fran Half Marathon--1:14.17--(7/31)
Oceana 5K (3miles)--15:08--1st Place--$300--(7/9)
WV 5K Champs(Huntington)--15:39--5th--$50--(6/25)
Clarksburg 10K(WV State Champs)--33:46--8th (2nd WV)--$500--(6/18)
Varmint Half Marathon--1:18.45--1st Place--$300--(6/11)
Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon--2:31.59--3rd Places--$300--(5/15)
Mullens Dogwood 5K--15:47--1st Place--$300--(5/1)
OBX Flying Pirate Half Marathon--1:11.15--2nd Place--$150-- (4/10)
Joker Run 4-Miler--20:12--1st Place (3/26)
Myrtle Beach Half Marathon--1:10.38--2nd Place (2/19)
Tallman Winter Series 10K--32:07--1st Place (2/6)

Also Marian had a very successful racing year hitting PR's on the roads in the 4mile distance(23:13/5:49avg) and 10K(37:27/5:52avg). She placed third at Myrtle Beach Half (1:22), won the Varmint Half and biggest running honor of the year came when she WON the Cleveland Half Marathon in (1:21.11 /6:12avg) (her 2nd fastest half). She ran the very hilly San Fran Marathon with a very bad foot and extra fatigue which we later found out was due to the most exciting news of the year. 


cesar bobadilla said...

Hey Jason!! I see that you are following De castella´s approach, how have you felt doing it? Do you do speed training all year round like those guys did or you built your aerobic base through easy running and take a couple of monthns of rest after the season?

Joe Rubio has an article called the endless season, in this article he mention De Castella as one of the guys that did all year round season and skipped the base building perior and the absense of racing, Cheers!!

Jason Pyles said...

Thanks for the post Cesar! I still have a lot to learn and need more time to really give a good break down of my personal feelings on how complex training works for me.

But I do think I will be doing some sort of speed work year around from now on. I slacked off on faster turnover for a few years and it seems to be effecting me now.

Good luck with the training and thanks for stopping by.